An interesting journey immersed in the fantastic scenery of Puglia, including Alberobello, Polignano, explore the “trulli” conical houses, ancient caves and 
a castle in Monopoli, and many other ancient and magical places worth sightseeing.

Day 1

  • Arrive at the airport of Bari 
  • Your personal driver will pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel.
  • This tour will be the based in Alberobello and hotel accomodation in this city is recommended. From here we will make daily trips with guided tours.


  • Your  personal driver and local guide will arrive at your hotel on day two for a full day of sightseeing  in Alberobello.



  • Your  personal driver and local guide will arrive at your hotel on day three and take you to visit ancient caves.
  • We will visit a subterranean  world  of  calcareous  rock  formations  that dates  back  to  the  Cretaceous era (ninety one hundred million years ago)! The  caves  were  originally  formed  by  a  river and the temperature inside is about 18°C. It is an  amazing sightseeing  experience and very unique in the world.  It is recommended to wear low-heeled or flat shoes with rubber soles.



  • Your personal driver and local tour guide will arrive at your hotel and take you to visit the coast of Polignano and a ancient castle in Monopoli. This is a half day tour.
  • Polignano: This area has been settled since prehistoric times. The famous Italian singer and song writer, Domenico Modugno was born in this beautiful village overlooking the sea.  His songs became an enormous success worldwide, including in the United States and sold over 22 million copies. Modugno is considered the first Italian singer and song writer.
  • Monopoli:  The symbol of the city of Monopoli is  the castle of Charles V a  fortification of Aragonese originally  built on a former Benedictine monastery and restored for defensive purposes by Charles V.


  • Your personal driver arrives at your hotel. Transfer to the airport.
  • If you have free time before your flight, we will visit another ancient Italian town and then drive you  to the airport for your departure.



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