This tour is very customizable because in Sicily, there are many specialties both sweet and savory. Taste the best products in Sicily. This  tour is strongly recommended for food lovers!!
 In this tour we can enjoy many local food products that are all handmade, crafted by artisans.We first begin our tour with a visit to the famous chocolate shop for Cioccolata Modicana (Chocolate from Modica) hand crafted by the Bonaiuto family since 1880. The masters of Chocolate will how us how chocolate is made and many other sweets from Modica. The Spanish were the first to introduce chocolate to Sicily. When the Spanish settled in Modica in the 1700’s they cultivated cacao and produced chocolate as the climate was perfect and it was a suitable location closer to home (Spain). There was plenty of lava stones so that the beans could be ground the authentic Aztec way with pestle and morter made from lavastone.     


After visiting the chocolate shop, we will then visit the beautiful Baroque town of Scicli. This ancient city is recognized as a UNESCO site. There are beautiful churches, noble palaces and there is also an ancient village with many caves where we can see what life was like for people before the Second World War.


After visiting Scicli, we will visit a winery that produces famous Sicilian wines and olive oil.

With advance reservation, we take a tour of the cellars, vineyards, wine tasting and lunch if you like.


You can do this tour if you stay in Ragusa, Catania, Noto, Syracuse, Agrigento. From 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

1 cioccolato modicano  2 scicli panorama notturno


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