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It is our mission to provide you with the best vacation experience possible. With your interests in mind together and with our expertise and recommendations, you will experience the best wine tours Sicily has to offer.

 Here you will find our best wine tours in Sicily. Make your vacation not just like any other vacation but a food and wine experience with many enjoyable memories to reflect upon in the future. These tours are based on our experience first hand and our customer’s feedback over the years. If you have visited Sicily but have not taken a wine tour, you have not experienced the real Sicily, the passion that unites the Sicilian people to their land and their food. You can customize your wine tour as you please depending on your interests and travel time requirements and we will provide you with our recommendations. We garantee that you will not regret it but will book another wine tour on your next trip to Sicily. Cheers...Salute!!


Mt. Etna Wine Tour

In this tour we will be visiting Mount Etna and a wine cellar producing the famous wines of Etna. We will first visit one of the oldest wine cellars in Etna, Barone di Villa Grande where a wine expert will give you a tour of the property explaining  the production process, the history of this territory which produces such fine wines of Etna. A relaxing and enjoyable wine tasting followed by a gourmet lunch outdoors (weather permitting) surrounded by hundred year old chestnut trees and a beautiful view of the vinyards on the hillside.

After lunch we will then visit Mount Etna Vulcano at an altitude of 2000 meters.  You can either visit Etna with the authorized Alpine Tourist Guides or simply take a stroll around the Silvestri Craters which are a few meters from the car park and where there are also shops and restaurants.

Our next stop is to visit the famouse city of Taormina with its Greek theatre, the beautiful historical center and many roof top balconies where you can get a great view of the sea, the gulfs of Catania and Giardini Naxos, the Strait of Messina and Calabria.

We will also visit the medieval village of Castelmola which is only 8 km from Taormina and offers a spectacular and breath taking view.

Trapani Wine Tour

In this wine tour we will be visiting the wine cellars of Florio, the salt-works of Trapani and Erice. We will first visit a local wine cellar where a wine expert will give you a tour of the property explaining the production process, the history of this territory which produces such fine wine. A wine tasting and lunch will follow.  

After lunch we will the visit The salt flats of Trapani  (Le Saline di Trapani) where the salt production occurs. The extraction of salt from our Sicilian sea  water  using the  evaporation  process  has been done here  in  Trapani  for thousands of  years. Each year, during the month of February and March, the shallow flats or ground basins are filled with salt water and the water flows in from the sea through canals and is pumped into the ground basins using  the  windmills  that can still  be seen. Between March and July the water level is slowly lowered through evaporation thanks to  the long  days  of  Sicilian sunshine;  this  makes  the  salt  content  in  the  water  more  concentrated.  In  July  the  salt harvest  begins  before  the  water is completely evaporated the salt is then piled  up high for drying.

Lastly, we will visit Erice at 2,500 feet above sea level to see one of Italy’s most beautiful towns and breath taking views. Erice overlooks the city of Trapani and its salt flats. It is surrounded by a lush park and hilltop Norman castles which offer charming old stone streets and several medieval churches to visit.  Discover this delightful town which  is  the  symbol of  the Middle Ages, even  though the town is much older than its castles, walls and streets suggest.

Wine Tour of Val di Noto

In this tour we will first visit the beautiful baroque city of Noto. You will have the opportunity to take a stroll of this pleasant and attrative town and visit its UNESCO sites.  

You will then experience a relaxing ride as the tour continues through the beautiful Sicilian country side that faces the sea. We will visit a beautiful winery where a wine expert will give you a tour of the premise explaining  the production process, the history of this territory which produces such fine wine and many other products. A wine tasting and lunch will follow.

In the afternoon we will visit the antique tuna village of Marzamemi and a boutique that produces many local tuna products  such as salted tuna, bottarga (salted tuna fish eggs), tuna sausage and many other products.

Strada del Vino Cerasuolo of Vittoria Wine Tour

In this tour we will visit two wineries that produce one of the most important wines in Sicily, the Cerasuolo of Vittoria.  Upon arrival at each winery, a wine expert with give you a tour of the premise explaining the production, preservation and bottling  processes of their wines. At each beautiful location, a moment of relax, wine tasting and food sampling of local products will follow.

The first stop of the tour is at Chiaramonte Gulfi an antique village where you will have the opportunity to visit an olive oil museum and followed by an olive oil  tasting at one of the most prized extra vergin oilve oil making companies in Italy.

The Cerasuolo of Vittoria was created in 1606, when the city of Vittoria was founded by Vittoria Colonna Enriquez. The founder Enriquez gifted to the first 75 settlers in Vittoria one hectare of land with a condition that they had to cultivate another hector with vinyards.

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