BIO-Vegan Wine


Vegan Wine Tasting Tour (full day)

Enjoy a wine tasting of organic wines after a lovely morning at the San Lorenzo beach. An authentic Sicilian experience!!

In this wine tour you will enjoy a wine tasting of various local Sicilian vegan and organic wines at a winery in the South Eastern coast of Sicily followed by a delicious traditional lunch. Spend the morning relaxing at one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily, San Lorenzo beach. For many San Lorenzo is called paradise with a white sandy beach and crystaline blue waters. A great place to enjoy the beautiful Sicilian sun!!

Grape Harvest Wine Tour (full day)

*This tour is available only during harvest period.

In this tour you will enjoy harvesting grapes from the vine with your own hands. Tools and assistance from winery staff will be provided. During the mid-morning break, a traditional Sicilian outdoor farmers breakfast is served under centenary carob trees on the property. After breakfast the tour will continue with the crushing of grapes using the traditional feet pressing method. It is loads of fun!! Just follow the rhythm of the music and press the grapes using your feet.
After this we’ll continue the tour with a visit to the wine cellar followed by a wine tasting of vegan wines and Sicilian local food products. If you love the excitement around wine-making you will love this…Get ready for an unforgetable experience.







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